Saturday, December 4, 2010

eBar Designs - Cute one of a kind charms and jewellery!

Ahh another day has come and gone, but I wanted to share with you some cute stuff I purchased recently.  These cute charms made from scrabble tiles all made by hand by Edytha Barker from eBar Designs! Check out the cute bracelets, necklace and pendants I purchased.  I thought they would make cute gifts for Christmas but I ended up purchasing one for myself and one for my daughter when she gets older…I love these because they're original, creative and super cute and trendy!

She does other custom beaded work and other designs as well.  Look out for her at your local craft fairs.  She will be at Forest Grove Elementary School, 8525 Forest Grove Drive, Burnaby, BC on December 11th!

You can also reach Edytha at:


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